Vivacity Labs Limited


Units 5 & 6,
3 Haberdasher Street,
N1 6ED

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Twitter: @VivacityLabs

Winners Of

  • 2021 Innovation

Life in our cities is changing rapidly, and accurate and up-to-the-minute data on urban movement and usage is more critical than ever before. VivaCity is helping cities to overcome their biggest transport challenges.

Its artificial intelligence sensors gather accurate, detailed and anonymous data 24/7 on transport modes, traffic flow, near miss events and travel patterns. Along with its first-of-its-kind Smart Signal Control system, the company is supporting strategic decisions to help optimise the transport network and create smarter, safer, more sustainable cities.

The VivaCity team are passionate about the protection of personal data, and its sensors have been developed using privacy-by-design principles to ensure personal data is never compromised.