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6 Granary Building, Millow Hall Farm, Millow
(Nr Dunton), Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, SG18 8RH

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Winners Of

  • 2022 Innovation

VEXO International (UK) Ltd is working to reduce energy consumption and mitigate global warming with its innovative energy saving solutions.

Based in Bedfordshire, VEXO has been researching and innovating products that reduce the effects of poor water quality on heating and cooling since 2010 and is now the UK’s leader in side-stream filtration.

VEXO’s award winning and patented X-POT® closed system water filtration unit is reaching a global market, with installations on thousands of buildings across the World including North America, Europe, Australia, and most recently on data centre projects in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Dubai.

With an increased focus on energy reduction as we transition to renewables, and the urgency to achieve Net-Zero targets, VEXO products are assisting central and local governments, as well as commercial building owners and contractors with their environmental and sustainability targets.

Research conducted at Loughborough University showed that the X-POT® provided a 3.5% energy saving in just seven days, with the results from further testing and research expected later this year.

VEXO’s unique range of additives have also been proven to provide up to 10% energy saving and a recently developed range of smart commercial heating and controls systems (S-BMS®) are applying the latest technologies to optimise the monitoring and control of heating performance and energy output. This is all adding up to a combined suite of products that are helping in the fight to reach Net-Zero and mitigate global warming.

The X-POT® conditions the water within commercial systems and ensures heating and cooling is working at peak performance and efficiency. The novel design of the X-POT® means it can replace multiple existing products on the market by combining magnetic filtration, air and dirt separation, fine filtration, and additive dosing, saving time and money on installations and ongoing maintenance. Poor water quality is a major contributor to poor system performance and wasted energy. Damage from corrosion and poorly maintained systems leads to increased maintenance, downtime, energy use, and CO2 emissions. Building tenants and owners are frustrated with poor heating and cooling and rising energy costs. The VEXO X-POT® is the solution to these problems.