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  • 2022 International Trade

As a sustainable procurement company whose mission is centred around global cooperation and putting people and their healthcare needs first, Unimed is incredibly proud to have been recognised with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

Unimed’s core values
What does Unimed stand for? Unimed Procurement Services’ mission is to source and supply high quality healthcare products globally and truly make a difference. Unimed’s culture is based on equality, and a strong belief that all individuals should be able to access healthcare products no matter their background, culture or physical location.
The organisation is dedicated to solving procurement inefficiencies by providing lifesaving services and products for everyone around the world, particularly countries who struggle with accessing resources. Unimed endeavours to offer resources that are both affordable and reliable while working alongside trusted and experienced partners.

Unimed prides itself on being able to act as the one point of contact for charities and organisations requiring their services. This means this sustainable procurement company can supply products, find the best strategy for transport and solve any delivery issues all while ensuring transparency throughout the whole process. Unimed is then able to relieve pressure from humanitarian relief organisations by adapting the necessary measures to make sure no matter the amount of money involved, it is utilised in a safe way.

Unimed’s focus is therefore to support a healthier world all while ensuring their products and solutions can be relied upon by everyone. That’s why the company’s four principles are based on “Affordable Cost”, “Quality”, “Reliability” and “Timely Delivery”.

Before he established Unimed, its founder and Managing Director Shameet Thakkar already had in-depth insight into the industry, and knew exactly what he wanted Unimed to achieve. By coming up with a solid strategy focused on quality, transparency and integrity, he ensured that the necessary amount of time was spent on planning and preparing to allow the business to be successful in its mission from the onset.
Since then, Unimed has been on a path to continued success and progress, having acquired partners in 25 countries in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia and Oceania.

Making a difference globally
Unimed’s network supports various modes of shipment and delivery, providing efficient logistics services for different countries no matter their requirements. This is achieved by partnering with like-minded manufacturers and suppliers both locally and internationally to effectively give assistance to populations in need.

As a fully audited and regulated ethical procurement organisation operating on a model that is entirely based on transparency, Unimed provides a variety of essential healthcare products, and actively strives to add more to the list as and when required. The company work collaboratively with partners and go above and beyond to meet demand, particularly when the need for new medical products arises as a result of healthcare emergencies or humanitarian crises.
Unimed continuously seeks to keep pace with the ever-evolving healthcare industry and fully understands the importance of continuing to develop to be able to supply the resources required everywhere in the world no matter the circumstances.

Life-saving work
Unimed is proud to have been able to provide a variety of products and solutions for countries in need, particularly in response to healthcare crises.
The company has kept the Covid-19 emergency at the forefront of their humanitarian efforts, sourcing and delivering Covid combating commodities and other lifesaving equipment to over 25 countries, including countries who were particularly struggling to cope with the Covid-19 health crisis such as Haiti and Thailand.

The sustainable procurement organisation also contributed by supplying emergency oxygen equipment including oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders, saving individuals from medical complications all while pre-planning to ensure transport complications stemming from the repercussions of the pandemic would not affect the timely delivery of products. Moreover, Unimed sourced and delivered emergency syringes to administer the Covid-19 vaccine to South American countries, safeguarding individuals who might have otherwise not been able to access the vaccine.

Its ethical procurement efforts also include offering aid to Haiti after their earthquake in 2021 by supplying sanitation kits and water treatment products to provide comfort to those affected. By delivering these products in a timely manner, the company played a role in preventing waterborne diseases spreading within the population at a time where adapting the usual sanitation and prevention measures would have not been possible.

It is precisely these stories that highlight the impact of Unimed’s mission and fully demonstrate the value of its work.

Looking to the future
Unimed Procurement Services is truly proud to be able to represent local businesses by winning The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, which will open new doors for Unimed and further support it in its humanitarian mission.

Unimed plans to continue to expand to be able to provide products and services to more countries worldwide, find new target populations in need of support, and partner with more manufacturers and suppliers who are dedicated to the global aid cause while operating with integrity and transparency. The company’s mission is and will continue to be to develop solutions and services to support those in need and provide essential products for as many individuals as possible, no matter how long the journey is or how difficult it may be. For Unimed, no request is too large when it comes to contributing to accessibility. The organisation also prides itself on promoting and choosing eco-friendly practices and looks forward to a future of growth that goes hand-in-hand with sustainability.

The company strongly believes there are always new opportunities to be exploited to further develop their transport and delivery solutions and expand their range of products to be able to act as the preferred ethical procurement services for as many charities, organisations and companies as possible.

Unimed also seeks to continue to spotlight the importance of prevention within its services.
With life-threatening issues such as antimicrobial resistance (AMR), prevention in the early stages is key, which is where providing access to diagnostic equipment becomes a priority. Medical procurement services play a big role in shaping a healthier world, and will never cease to be relevant. Unimed looks forward to continuing to develop in its field and promote the importance and significance of these services globally.