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Winners Of

  • 2023 International Trade

Having provided creative communication services to its pioneering clients for over 17 years, TMC has been committed to developing international trade from the very beginning. Working with global leaders across the healthcare, STEM, energy and infrastructure sectors, TMC recognises the value in delivering an in-house, full-service approach, adapting its compelling campaigns for a wealth of culturally diverse audiences.

With 70% of its business linked to international trade, TMC’s core clients are based across 19 EU member states, working with them to produce multi-lingual content viewed in over 158 countries. Targeting global audiences through high impact digital communications, TMC also regularly collaborates with clients to facilitate their event activity, creating bespoke collateral used by millions of delegates across Europe.

Success for TMC has been found within a balanced approach, understanding that international trade provides critical business resilience and stability. Focused on effectively communicating key messages in relation to specialist healthcare, science and technology innovations, it strategically disseminates content across borders on behalf of its clients. Reimagining archives of ‘big data’ into captivating visualisations, TMC has consistently been able to provide significant impact to organisations’ brand reputation and visibility.

Withstanding the challenges of Covid-19 and Brexit, TMC has diversified its service provision to navigate the specialist needs of a growing international portfolio. From developing innovative virtual environments that reduce the need for corporate travel, to marketing campaigns that have inspired audiences to take action, TMC’s expertise, relevancy and desire to create positive impact have proven the bedrock for sustainable, value-led growth.

CEO Tim McCloud says: “It is vital that value can be put on professional services as an export, as our ideas and the decisions that we affect have a direct impact on people’s lives. One we take with great responsibility and a determined effort to ensure we leave a lasting positive legacy.”

Aligning with its expertise in social impact initiatives, TMC has also seen significant opportunities in exporting highly regarded best practice from UK community and education programmes. Often transferable to a global audience with a similar curriculum, these activities can support and evidence an organisation’s authenticity with environmental, social and governance commitments.