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Winners Of

  • 2022 International Trade
Sybarite is honoured to receive its second Queen’s Award for International Trade.

Founded in 2002, Sybarite is a London-based global architecture and design studio leading the evolving world of experiential culture in retail and hospitality with a large portion of its business in Asia.

A British design company at its heart, Sybarite’s niche is to sell a British mentality and approach to design internationally. The projects further exemplify this with a chosen cast of ‘Best in Class’ collaborators, whose foundations are predominately British. The studio of 80+ ‘Sybarites’ are a purposefully diverse mix of talent emanating from all corners of the world.
Enduring retail design
Sybarite’s co-founders Torquil McIntosh and Simon Mitchell are committed to realising an expansive creative vision for luxury retail and all that diversifies and bolts on to that as a brand extension.
The Sybarite studio has become synonymous with an architecture that surprises and seduces, and is renowned in the business for partnering with significant avant-garde players in the fashion world: noteworthy brands, visionary retail operators and luxury goods conglomerates who are at the forefront of contemporary culture.
Projects convey the essence of the brand through a distilled design narrative that seamlessly merges into the interior of an environment. The vision is achieved through a deep commitment to storytelling delivered by the creation of bespoke design codes and architectural forms that intuitively connect the space to the customer experience.
From monobrand to masterplan
Scale, scalability and longevity are always key to Sybarite, with innovation being the driver. The projects and design approach have always ranged from the micro to the macro – whether a perfume bottle, international store roll-out, department store or shopping mall or a mixed-use retail master plan: from 30 to 400,000 square metres. With this methodology, Sybarite has delivered 2,600 projects to date with an emphasis in Asia for thelast ten years.
To name a couple of the company’s key relationships: it works for retail operators SKP at SKP and SKP-S department stores in Beijing, Xi’an and the forthcoming masterplan in Chengdu, as well as a healthy pipeline of further destinations underway. For China Resources Land (CR Land), Sybarite continues its progressive work for the MixC shopping mall experience, with additional plans in the pipeline having already delivered Shenzhen and Tianjin, and looks forward to unveiling its upcoming urban regeneration project in Shanghai in collaboration with several other British firms.
That said, the first decade of Sybarite’s work and expertise was primarily focussed on high-end fashion monobrands, which momentously amassed a benchmark portfolio of projects, and with that, the infrastructure to support future growth into larger scale projects. To date Sybarite continues to work with monobrands, and 2021 saw the iconic Ferrari brand realise brand diversification projects in Europe and the USA with Asia following in due course.
Rebranding, reframing and repurposing Sybarite became particularly interested in working in Asia during its relationship with the Department of International Trade (DIT) from 2010, combined with several official trade missions to China.
A particular forte of Sybarite is to reimagine, reframe and repurpose, driven by a long and sustainable view into the everchanging and evolving world of retail. This is possible through its experience in retail strategy, which is married with its proposals for an optimum creative solution that will maximise a return on investment for clients as well as deliver a beautiful and pure concept inspiring engagement, immersion and loyalty.
A large proportion of the projects are located in pre-existing buildings where vision and imagination are essential in order to convert the retail experience both financially and stylistically, and the location is always a prerequisite part of the design process and sentiment.