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Stanhope-Seta is a British, family-owned business, established for more than 75 years, which specialises in the design and manufacture of laboratory test instruments for quality control applications. From its manufacturing base in Chertsey, the innovative instruments are exported worldwide with installations in over 120 countries.

Stanhope-Seta is proud and honoured to have received three Queen’s Awards in the category of Enterprise in 2012 and 2014, and for Innovation in 2019. The company’s most recent accolade was granted for the design and manufacture of the Fame in Jet (FIJI) instrument. This detects ultra-low levels of a chemical compound known as fatty acid methyl ester (FAME). This compound is widely found in road transport diesel, however in aviation fuel it is classified as a contaminant and its presence must be strictly controlled. The instrument is now deployed around the world in commercial and military settings, forming one of the key testing techniques designed to ensure aviation fuel is fit and safe for use.

The company is now focusing on the development of instruments to support the transition to renewable, carbon zero fuels. These new fuels, such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) are considered as drop-in replacements for traditionally refined fuels, but some parameters of the new fuels have the potential to differ from fossil fuels. The development team at Seta has been working with leading airframe manufacturers on new test techniques to assist in the transition to the new fuels and ensure ongoing safe aircraft operation. FIJI and other instruments will form the basis of a new product range from the company in the coming months.

As well as developing new instrumentation, the company has also reviewed the existing product range with a view to reducing the environmental impact of the testing. The company has now achieved the ISO14001 environmental certification, and all its development, production and manufacturing activity is measured against this certification.

Innovation and development is key to the ongoing success of the business, and the Seta internship, apprenticeship and placement program continues to expand and has remained active throughout the past two years.