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  • 2022 Innovation

If you open a luxury easter egg, perfume box or food package, it is probably wrapped in Stäger Clear Packaging’s recycled plastic. For more than two decades, Ian Jamie, Stäger’s founder and Managing Director, has put sustainability at the core of his business, while pursuing what he describes as “incremental innovation”.

Clear The Oceans
Pioneering the move to recycled PET with Marks & Spencer in 2006, transferring to using British recycled PET in 2014, and then inspired by David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, which showed the damage discarded plastic does to our oceans, he started to use recycled ocean plastic collected from ocean shores in developing countries. This is used to produce recycled plastic material, while creating a sustainable income to vulnerable communities.

When Covid-19 hit, Stäger pivoted to helping the pandemic effort, making visors/masks out of ocean waste – even making one for The Queen. The company’s work to help make the world a better place continues.