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  • 2023 Innovation

Whoosh’s patented software allows the live delivery of every form of transport information, personalised to that user and their journey, wherever they are in the UK.
Knowing exactly where a user is on their journey has enabled a suite of new tools that are transforming public transport. For a long time, the UK transport industry has been unable to successfully communicate information and alternative transport options to passengers during disruption: Whoosh’s solution solves that challenge. Passengers can now report faults on the railway and provide feedback on any element of their journey to the operator, who will know exactly where the user is and what they are experiencing.
Whoosh was founded by Edmund Caldecott 10 years ago as Spoken Ink, which provides books and magazines to travellers on planes, trains and coaches. The addition of transport information to the company’s entertainment offering was a natural evolution.
Sergio Sergiou, Chief Technology Officer at Whoosh, developed the idea, building a team of experienced developers and juniors that combined traditional knowledge and new ways of thinking. Together, they created a product that met its first hint of success when it was awarded a grant from Innovate UK, enabling critical enhancements that allowed long-term market growth.
Jack Shields, Managing Director, took Whoosh to market with continued success, selling the product into the UK rail industry’s stalwart companies, creating tailored packages to meet the needs of each partner.
Personalisation is at the heart of Whoosh’s long-term growth as it looks to further develop and improve the accessibility of its digital information system so that it meets the needs of people no matter who they are, where they live or their travel needs.
Investing in the interface and Whoosh’s ability to interact with its users will allow lightning speed learning with invaluable access to real time data and insights to help shape better travel for all.
This will not only impact the lives of millions of people, both locally and globally as the system is rolled out internationally, but given the right kind of partnerships and innovative thinking, can positively impact the planet and shape the future of more sustainable ways of travelling.