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  • 2023 Innovation

Sesanti is an innovation-led business which, for over 30 years, has been researching, designing and manufacturing high performance commercial and military surveillance assets from its factory in Hampshire. Its extensive product portfolio includes advanced multi-spectral camera systems for local protection, up to long range asset protection systems. Its next-generation ultra low light level long range product (ULARI) is the subject of this King’s Award.

Sesanti invests heavily in Artificial Intelligence and electro-optics research and has been awarded many UK and overseas government contracts for the supply of critical infrastructure and bespoke military electro-optic systems.

Latest low light level development
ULARI is a camera system capable of long range imaging, and functions at the limits of what is possible in classical physics. The combination of high acuity optics, ultra-high-performance detectors, low noise electronics, high speed processing and advanced algorithms extract high quality imagery from very few photons. This means the development of ULARI was a multi-disciplined challenge. The development took three years and the company worked with global manufacturers to create this innovative technology. The result is a range of products that can positively identify objects in near-zero light. Other Sesanti surveillance products operate in the infra-red wavebands: NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR. LREO is a long range MWIR/NIR product for 24/7 coastal defence.

ULARI has been developed specifically for security applications, but also has humanitarian and search and rescue uses. The equipment is designed to aid in saving lives, enabling safer operating distances than can currently be achieved. The product range has already been accredited by customers as ‘world class’ and has resulted in the delivery of over £20m-worth of equipment.

This technology, alongside Sesanti’s other patented innovations, puts the company at the forefront of electro-optic design and development in the UK. Peter Kyle-Henney, founder of the business, says: “We are passionate about maintaining cutting-edge sovereign capability in this field, and are thrilled to know that the hard work of all our team has been recognised and rewarded by such a prestigious innovation award.”