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Winners Of

  • 2021 Sustainable Development

Crystal doors is a manufacturer of vinyl wrapped doors and accessories and is recognised as one of the UK’s most sustainable manufacturers.

This was not always the case: just seven years ago the company was in crisis and faced closure following the refusal of planning permission for its biomass burner. Richard Hagan, the company’s CEO, had a choice – close the company or find a solution. Richard chose the latter and the solution he found was life-changing. He networked and engaged with many environmental consultants and found that those concerned with sustainability and the environment offered support and kindness not found in those only concerned with making profits.

Richard credits these individuals with saving his business and opening his eyes to the numerous opportunities that sustainability offers to both people and the planet. So profound was the impact of their actions, Richard has made it his life’s work to achieve net zero, not only for his business but to help as many other businesses and individuals achieve it too.

The company has enjoyed a great deal of recognition for its environmental practices and commitment, including beating the Bank of England in the Energy and Carbon reduction category from the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment IEMA, UK sustainable SME of the year by edie.net, Business Green awards, UK manufacturer of the year and of course the Queen’s Award for Sustainable Enterprise 2021.

Richard’s determination and numerous environmental accolades have brought him many followers, including none other than HRH The Prince of Wales. Upon meeting at Windsor Castle for the Queen’s Award celebration event, Prince Charles asked: “I have been talking about sustainability for over 50 years and see that you have gained huge attention within a few years. How?” Richard was delighted to tell him.

Crystal Doors has pursued so many awards for sustainability with the sole purpose of showing and encouraging the business community, and the world, that there is another way to do business – one that preserves the planet and doesn’t destroy it.

Hagan no longer believes money has value unless it improves the lives of others and the planet. His company has closed the door to new suppliers and any stakeholders that have not pledged and evidenced their strategy to net zero. In Richard’s own words: “Hope is not a strategy; our suppliers must provide clear proof of their commitment to sustainability.” He’s not alone in his approach to business with pension funds, insurance under writers and banks also demanding transparent evidence of sustainability from their suppliers before doing business with them.

If you haven’t met Richard you might confuse his passion for boastfulness, but his commitment is real and as far away from green washing as it is possible to get.

Crystal Doors is carbon neutral for scope 1, 2, 3 and is on track to achieve all of the UN’s 17 sustainable goals by 2025 and net zero having already reduced carbon emissions by 75%. The impact of this is that Crystal Doors will become a positive contributor to people, nature and the planet and, just as importantly, will have changed the actions of many along the way.