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  • 2023 International Trade

Penman Consulting Ltd was proud to be recognised for its excellence in international trade and awarded with the first ever King’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade.

Mike and Sue Penman, the founders of the business, were delighted at the recognition the Award brings: “Not just for the company, but for all the staff across the company, past and present. They have worked so hard over so many years to develop and provide first rate services to those involved in the international chemical community.”

The business was founded in 2007 to provide specialist regulatory services to the chemical industry on health and environmental matters. At the time, the EU was just commencing on its major new chemicals management initiative REACH where EU chemical manufacturers and importers registered their substances with a new European chemicals agency. This presented an opportunity for the company because of the wide experience its founders had in managing regulatory affairs and the associated science in the industry, as well as working with regulatory agencies before starting the business.

A skilled global team
To meet with the regulatory and scientific demands of the work, Penman Consulting built a multidisciplinary, multilingual team consisting of regulatory specialists, toxicologists and environmental scientists, as well as project managers and IT professionals, based in the UK, Europe, India and the USA. The skills of the team are the key offering to the client base, which is global in nature and varies from large corporations to speciality chemical producers.

The chemical industry, although often unseen by the consumer, is one of the largest global industries, producing the essential components of almost everything we use, whether it be insulation, paint, or shampoo. In recent years there has been a significant increase in the requirements of regulation on products and processes. The drive of the regulations has been for companies to submit significant data to demonstrate that what is produced is safe in use, both for human health and the environment.

Regulations similar to that enacted in the EU on registration of substances are now in place in Korea, Turkey, and UK, with many other countries planning comparable legislation. With the highly technical nature of the response required, the level of activity, and the necessity to work across companies, many do not have all the in-house expertise or bandwidth in order to respond in a timely fashion.

Product stewardship is the term used that encompasses the product safety and regulatory management process. Without it producers would not be able to access regulated markets. Penman Consulting has built its business helping companies to understand requirements, plan activities and draft technical documentation, making submission to regulatory agencies and replying to their questions and demands.

A unique edge
In order to handle large amounts of specialised data, manage programmes of work and communicate up and down the supply chain, Penman Consulting invested in its staff, and also in software development to support its own and clients’ business. Active Steward has been an essential contributor to the company’s success in giving it a unique edge in chemical regulatory affairs management.

The King’s Award has been a very welcome recognition of how far the business has progressed over the past 16 years and the team appreciate the honour. It helps enormously to spur everyone on for the next 16 years. The challenges are certainly there to be met.