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NRG Marine Ltd is the maker of Sonihull® a pioneering provider of ultrasonic anti-fouling systems. Its innovative technology has helped improve the efficiency of marine vessels by reducing the accumulation of marine growth on their hulls, cooling systems and propellers, leading to improved fuel efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

Global footprint
As the global market leader, Sonihull® has been a trailblazer in expanding its business internationally, with clients in over 70 countries worldwide. The company’s commitment to international trade has not only brought economic benefits to the United Kingdom, but also driven innovation in the global marine industry and now extends into land-based sectors.
Sonihull®’s success in international trade is a testament to its investment in research and development, which has allowed the company to continuously improve and innovate its products to meet the needs of different markets.

Sonihull® Labs, its research and development centre, is the only laboratory in the world dedicated to ultrasonic antifouling, making the most of the warm sea water in Abu Dhabi to expedite development. Furthermore, the company has formed strategic partnerships with distributors and agents in various countries, which have helped establish a strong global presence.

Adapting to change
The company’s success can be attributed to its understanding of the international market and its ability to adapt its technology to meet the specific needs of customers worldwide. For example, Sonihull® has developed products that are optimised for use in different marine environments, and has customised its technology to suit the needs of various vessel types, from small yachts to large commercial ships.

Sonihull®’s commitment to sustainability is also noteworthy. The company’s ultrasonic technology has a positive impact on the environment by reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The use of Sonihull® is also instrumental in the prevention of the spread of invasive marine species. Sonihull®’s technology has helped many customers achieve sustainability goals and meet increasingly strict environmental regulations.

What next?
Sonihull® technology is now being taken to new sectors as it has been developed for use in industrial settings. The launch of the new Agitate product has seen installations on pipework and cooling systems in sectors as diverse as food and beverage, oil and gas and foundries to mention just a few. Agitate customers see increased flow in pipes and better performance from cooling systems leading to reduced energy use, lower maintenance time and cost and a reduction in the use of environmentally harmful chemicals. Once more the company has shown its appetite for international trade, as in its first year of selling Agitate it has been deployed in factories on four continents.

Sonihull®’s success in international trade and commitment to sustainability make it a deserving recipient of the King’s Award. The company’s innovative technology brings efficiency to the marine industry globally, and its commitment to sustainability sets an example for other businesses to follow. The company’s continued investment in research and development and its ability to adapt its technology to meet the needs of diverse markets have been the key drivers of its success.

Sonihull®’s ultrasonic technology has contributed to the UK’s reputation as a global leader in innovation and engineering. The King’s Award is a fitting recognition of the company’s achievements and its contribution to the UK economy and the global ‘Green-Tech’ revolution.