N2M Limited, trading as Rockit


2 Farleigh Court,
Old Weston Rd,
Flax Bourton,
BS48 1UR

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Tel: 01934 263950
Twitter: @wearerockit
LinkedIn: Rockit (N2M Limited)

Winners Of

  • 2022 Innovation

Rockit designs, manufactures and markets sleep aid devices for babies and toddlers. It launched its leading product, the game-changing Rockit portable baby rocker, in 2017, and has achieved exceptional success both in the UK and in international trade, with sales to over 40 countries.

Rockit is a portable sleep aid that can be attached to any pushchair, stroller or pram, gently rocking it so the baby falls back to sleep or remains sleeping, even when the stroller is no longer being pushed or manually rocked by a parent.

This patent protected product was at the centre of its application for a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, but the company has a range of other innovative sleep aids. These include ‘Zed’, an astronaut shaped vibration sleep soother, which sends calming car-like vibrations through any mattress. Then there’s ‘Wooshh’ a miniature rechargeable sound machine that masks disruptive noises to aid infant sleep. Measuring just 6cm tall it can be taken anywhere.