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Winners Of

  • 2022 International Trade
  • 2016 International Trade

Last year, MRT Castings was proud to receive the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade for the second time in six years. Following its 2016 award for International Trade, MRT had experienced a further period of exceptional growth.

MRT produces aluminium die-castings and machined components for a wide range of UK and international customers. These components are used in applications as diverse as hi-fi equipment to supercars, and designer lighting to military control systems. One of the company’s largest markets is in medical devices and, in particular, critical care ventilators.
When the Covid-19 pandemic struck, hospitals around the world were in desperate need of additional ventilators to treat critically ill patients.

Since 2014, MRT has worked with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of these ventilators, supplying 21 components in each unit. Prior to the pandemic, MRT produced approximately 4,000 kits of these precision engineered components each year, but between April 2020 and March 2021, MRT dramatically scaled up operations to manufacture over 26,000 sets, enabling its customers to supply life-saving ventilators to every corner of the globe.

Last year MRT celebrated its 75th anniversary. The family-owned business was originally established in London, then relocated to its current production base in Hampshire in 1965. It has steadily expanded the scale and complexity of its production facilities over the years, and just prior to the pandemic, opened a new, purposebuilt, state-of-the-art die-casting foundry to accommodate future growth. With the challenge of rapidly scaling up operations to respond to the Covid-19 crisis, the business invested in additional diecasting cells and CNC machining centres, and almost doubled its workforce, instantly transforming the new foundry into a hive of productivity and innovation.
International sales grew by 437% over the three years to 2022, and the proportion of sales exported increased to 85% of total sales.

Managing Director, Phil Rawnson, explains: “To have won two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise just six years apart is testament to the relentless energy and enthusiasm of our team, and to receive this honour during the company’s 75th anniversary year was particularly special.”