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  • 2019 Innovation

The award winning Metro Analytic Retail Solution (M.A.R.S) has been developed by METRO SECURITY (GB) PLC to help hard pressed retailers. The system combines demonstrable loss prevention results to combat shop-floor ‘shrinkage’, whilst simultaneously providing stores with a range of complementary revenue boosting retail management, operational, marketing and staff training tools.

The multi-functional M.A.R.S software analytics system can be easily and cost-effectively integrated with any retailer’s existing hardware and software. It provides retailers of all types, sizes and numbers of stores with an effective and – importantly – a cost-efficient, value-added way to improve their increasingly pressured bottom-line profitability.

In today’s online era the retail environment for physical stores is an intensifying challenge.
Faced with tough trading conditions on the High St, many retailers simply do not have the budgets to pay for systems that address security risks alone. M.A.R.S provides the ideal solution to this dilemma, while also significantly helping to pay for itself by combining its proven loss prevention functionality with exciting added-value features.

M.A.R.S is already helping a cross-section of retailers including high street chains, independent retailers and forecourt fuel operators’ retail shops, while also monitoring multiple stores and sites simultaneously. One well-known High St chain has delivered a 70% reduction in losses and a 65% reduction in audit costs across hundreds of its outlets around both the UK and some 20 other European countries using M.A.R.S – as measured by the retailer itself.

The system’s sophisticated analytical software ‘engine’ interfaces with hardware including high-resolution megapixel closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, in-store electronic point-of-sale (Epos) equipment and other inputs such as related audio of suspect transactions and reliable facial recognition technology. M.A.R.S cost-effectively addresses a range of shop floor ‘shrinkage’, fraud, theft and other loss prevention issues, which negatively impact retailers’ important bottom-line profitability.

Whilst using M.A.R.S’ demonstrable loss prevention capabilities, retailers of all types and operational size can simultaneously benefit from this innovative system’s non-security features. These added-value M.A.R.S applications range from helping redesign a store’s layout to improve its operational efficiency, increase footfall and boost revenue, through to engaging returning customers with targeted marketing messages.


• M.A.R.S integrates with existing audit systems to cost effectively improve every retail store’s bottom line
• M.A.R.S’ user-friendly loss prevention automatically combines megapixel CCTV camera images with EPOS data, providing the user with video recordings/images plus till data for each transaction in a user-friendly package, all in one place
• Interfaces with existing EPOS data facilitates significant enhancements to existing analytics capabilities
• M.A.R.S eliminates lengthy, time-consuming loss prevention investigations by delivering all the information for a transaction to one point of access
• M.A.R.S monitors all transactions across multiple sites simultaneously – cutting down on spurious refunds
• M.A.R.S slashes shrinkage by ensuring items being scanned into the till are purchased from the store
• M.A.R.S can remotely monitor stock deliveries into stores whenever they are booked in
• M.A.R.S’ use of retail transaction analytics includes customer definable auto-exception reporting
• M.A.R.S’ added-value features include quick and convenient analysis of customer footfall in each store to flag up anomalies, e.g. refunds over a prescribed value
• M.A.R.S’ facial recognition capabilities allow head office to add known offenders faces into a database which then alerts the relevant store’s security team as they move around a store
• Customisable real-time reports/’dash-board’ notifications