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  • 2022 International Trade

Medical Research Network (MRN) received the Queen’s Award for International Trade from the Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire, Countess Howe, at its annual company meeting. This was the perfect opportunity to celebrate, as this is when the company celebrates all its achievements of the past year and discusses its plans for the future.

The Countess made an excellent speech, delivered with passion, expressing the value of meeting patients’ needs within clinical research to enable the industry to deliver innovative new medicines to the market faster.

To date, MRN’s models estimate it has helped its customers generate over 55 million more days of use of their medications by getting drugs to the market faster, with an unmeasurable impact on the health of those patients, many of whom have rare conditions.

From the 200-plus products MRN has helped through their research and development, the potential financial gain for its customers is over £14 billion in increased sales or reduced costs, against a lifetime cost of running MRN of around £140 million – a return of more than 100x.

In today’s ever-changing and highly unpredictable world, the long-term nature of performance required to gain this award provides a mark of commercial sustainability for a business that helps to drive brand awareness in times of uncertainty.

Because MRN’s services only just scratch the surface of pharmaceutical R&D at present, and in response to the changing dynamics of the market and research environment, it is diversifying to expand its impact and fuel its mid- and long-term growth. The company is adopting more technology and building new services, allowing it to run even more efficient trials in the patient’s own community. It will continue to make participation easier for patients and speed up bringing new and innovative medicines to the market.

In conjunction, MRN will continue to promote engagement in its people to meet the demands of customers, the patients they serve, and its teams who support them all. MRN will continue to innovate and grow the behaviours that led to the Queen’s Award, respecting Her Late Majesty’s memory for years to come.