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  • 2023 International Trade

British company LYMA is incredibly proud to have been honoured with the prestigious King’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade after successfully doubling its revenue in 2022 thanks to its US expansion.

LYMA was founded by Lucy Goff in 2018 after the birth of her first child led to a near-death experience. Struggling to recover using conventional health remedies, a chance meeting with Dr Paul Clayton, clinical pharmacologist and world authority on preventative degenerative disease, inspired her to create the ultimate supplement.

Fast forward five years, and LYMA has become a global brand operating in 70 countries – a testament to its forward-thinking ethos and universal vision.

Science and innovation first Trusted by thousands worldwide, LYMA’s international success can be attributed to its scientific, evidence-based approach to innovation and a commitment to delivering world firsts in everything it does. Working closely with a team of scientists, doctors, experts and visionaries to develop its category-defining products, LYMA continues to push the boundaries for those wanting to look and feel their best.

To date, the LYMA Supplement remains the only formula in the world to include ten peer-reviewed, medical-grade, patented ingredients in the doses proven to be effective.

Engineered to overhaul and optimise the body’s systems, it delivers nutrients that even a balanced diet cannot provide, in their most bio-available form. As a result, sleep, performance, beauty, anxiety and overall health are all drastically improved.

The LYMA Laser
In 2021, the company launched the LYMA Laser, the world’s most powerful at-home cosmetic laser device suitable for all skin types. In 2022, it became the first and only clinic-grade laser to receive FDAclearance for at-home use, marking a new era for daily dermatology.

Portable, painless and requiring zero downtime thanks to its cold low-level laser light, the LYMA Laser has fast become the go-to device for consumers and professionals looking for anti-ageing benefits. Targeting everything from wrinkles to loss of elasticity, rosacea, pigmentation, acne and bruising, the LYMA Laser is proven to transform skin from the base layers up in weeks, and has been lauded in countless publications, including, most recently, New Scientist.

Core values
At the heart of it all remains LYMA’s founding mission to change people’s lives for the better by using the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs to create products that are proven to work.

Lucy Goff, LYMA Founder, says: “I created LYMA to help people achieve their full potential, and in doing so created a new way of thinking for supplement and beauty companies – one which puts science, results and evidence firmly above everything else.”
Relentless, ambitious and brave in its pursuit of what is good and what is new, LYMA has never been afraid to reject broken systems and products, embracing instead the evidencebased, the medical-grade and the peer-reviewed.

The company’s commitment to innovation and excellence also earned it recognition as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Beauty Companies in 2021. Set to launch its third category-defining product this summer, 2023 is already shaping up to be LYMA’s most exciting year yet.