LittlePod Ltd


Whyte House,

Contact Details

Tel: 01395 232022
Instagram and Twitter: @little_pod
Facebook: @LittlePodtheVanillaCompany

Winners Of

  • 2023 Sustainable Development
  • 2018 Sustainable Development

The team at LittlePod say: “April 21, 2023 was a red letter day for LittlePod as we became one of the first winners of the King’s Award for Enterprise (Sustainable Development).

“We’re looking forward to two more momentous occasions as we prepare to return to Buckingham Palace, before welcoming the Lord Lieutenant of Devon back to Farringdon on June 30, when he will present us with the King’s Awards vase and warrant. Beautifully crafted from crystal glass in Cumbria, it will take pride of place alongside the Queen’s Awards vase that we won in 2018.

“It will be a tribute to all who have helped us reach this point, to LittlePod teams past and present, and to all who have supported and contributed to our Campaign for Real Vanilla.

“Here at LittlePod we will raise a toast to the vanilla farming communities in the Equatorial regions, to our wider family of LittlePodders, and to all who have worked so hard to help us achieve this treasured accolade.”