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  • 2021 Promoting Opportunity

Landau is a successful West Midlands-based not for profit organisation that has seen significant growth in its turnover over the past five years, due largely to the rise in demand for its services from commissioners in the health and care sectors.

Research has shown that inequality and barriers to accessing good employment impacts significantly on people’s income, sense of purpose, social connections and their health and wellbeing both physically and mentally. As a supported employment organisation, Landau’s role is to improve the life chances for employment for people who face social and economic challenges, and who may also be disabled and have complex needs.

Its team know that inequalities and barriers to education and employment often begin early in life, impacting on individuals throughout their school years and into early adulthood.

Landau’s specialists work holistically with clients to identify their barriers to work and provide intensive support, which helps them move closer to employment. The team focus on building clients’ confidence, managing their disability and any health concerns and improving their overall wellbeing and mental health. Most importantly, they ensure that any employment opportunities are sustainable, providing on-going support and progression.

Everyone involved is delighted that Landau’s work and its impact on people’s lives has been recognised through the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Promoting Opportunity Through Social Mobility.

Landau has grown from humble beginnings. Founded in 1995 as a small charity in Shropshire, its initial focus was on supporting people with learning disabilities into paid open employment.

Over time and through organic growth, it has become one of the UK’s most noted supported employment organisations within the employability sector, and now provides services and work with partners right across the UK.

As Landau moves through its 27th year, its team remain committed to the notion that employment is the core pathway to a better life for anyone, and they will continue to use their expertise to develop person-centred programmes for those in our society needing support.

Each year Landau supports hundreds of young people and adults to build the skills they need for the future. It works with some of the most vulnerable young people – those often at risk of poor educational attainment, social exclusion, exploitation and substance misuse issues. Its experts build resilience in young people, empowering them to improve their life chances.

Landau partners with small to medium sized organisations wherever possible – people who are expert and rooted in place – to better meet local needs and so nurture sustainable communities and supply chains. It also increases the social value it delivers through re-investing its surpluses into programmes for individuals and communities and by advocating for greater social equity.

The 2020s has had a profoundly detrimental impact on the lives of many and will continually be shaped by its legacy. Landau will continue to focus relentlessly on creating high quality programmes and on building the capacity to help as many people as possible to adjust to, and navigate, the complex employability challenges that lie ahead. The impacts of the pandemic are not being felt equally and will exacerbate many of the inequalities that existed pre-Covid.

Landau is committed to continuous improvement as it draws on its experts by experience to improve its programmes – and to use that experience to advocate for, and influence, public policy on behalf of those it supports. At Landau, our team remain steadfast to the aim of changing lives and creating better futures.