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Winners Of

  • 2023 Innovation

Gaia Earth Technologies Ltd is a recipient of one of the first King’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation, recognising its role in the commercialisation of the Gaia Cable Protection System (GCPS). GCPS was conceived and invented by Dr Guy Wheater, the Gaia Earth Group Technical Manager. In 2017, Gaia Earth Sciences Limited, having established a solid track record with compelling results for the GCPS, launched Gaia Earth Technologies Limited to focus on the rollout of the GCPS and build other technical solutions that offer safer, quicker and cleaner wireline logging operations for clients. Seven of the top ten oil and gas clients worldwide now use GCPS as a critical resource to enhance their well design and delivery and to ensure safe and efficient wireline logging operations, whilst reducing their CO2 emissions significantly. The success of GCPS has led to ongoing research and development in the field, and Gaia has a growing portfolio of technologies available to customers. Gaia has generated 36 patents with many world firsts, such as the first cable-mounted acquisition system, the first downhole digital odometer and the first global sticking database with the most advanced wireline modelling package in the industry. Together, Gaia Earth Sciences Ltd and Gaia Earth Technologies Ltd form the Gaia Earth Group. There are over 30 consultants working for the Group, based in locations worldwide from Thailand to Europe, the US Gulf Coast and Latin America