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  • 2023 Innovation

Gaia Earth Sciences Ltd is a recipient of one of the first King’s Awards for Enterprise: Innovation, recognising its role in the development of the Gaia Cable Protection System (GCPS).GCPS uses Wireline Standoffs for preventing wireline logging cables, which are used in oil and gas exploration, from becoming trapped and stuck in the wells during the wireline logging operations. Elgin-based Gaia Earth Sciences Limited was founded in July 2003 by Stuart Huyton to offer the oil and gas industry quality assurance services in the domain of formation evaluation during wireline logging operations. This is the process whereby physical data from the subsurface rocks is recorded in order to determine the presence, location and producibility of hydrocarbons. In 2007, Gaia started an R&D programme to solve the long-standing (global) problem of cable sticking during wireline logging operations. These sticking events may quickly escalate to cause multi-million-dollar losses for a client. This research resulted in the system now known as the Gaia Cable Protection System (GCPS), which was conceived and invented by Dr Guy Wheater, the Gaia Earth Group Technical Manager. In 2011, field testing of the nascent GCPS commenced in the Gulf of Mexico with great success. The system was then developed and improved through six years of continuous R&D before being handed over to Gaia Earth Technologies Limited for commercial development. Gaia Earth Sciences Limited previously won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: International Trade in 2012.