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A British-based commodity trading company, Feed Factors was founded in 1987 and is involved in the import, export and distribution of grain and oilseeds. Its customers, both national and international, are processors of agricultural commodities to supply food for human consumption and animal feed. The company is delighted to have been awarded a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of Sustainable Development for its organic agricultural project in Romania.

In 2015, the company was introduced to what would be its new strategic partner in Romania, who embraced the same organic standards it endorses and had similar aspirations of how it could expand markets and support low-income farmers with their organic crop production, bringing it to market achieving full value. It was then that Feed Factors put together its five-year plan of organic growth and sustainable income for its organic farmers, and pledged resources and technical support to make this happen.

The company was impressed with its partner’s commitment to the improvement of the Danube River quality through reduced nitrates and pesticides through the ICPDR (International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River). The idea was simple: to promote organic farming bordering the agricultural land of the Danube. This would create a clean zone where no chemicals and fertilisers are being used, preventing leaching into the river from conventional farming.

Feed Factors is committed to expanding the area further and playing its part within the 10 host countries that have committed to this EU project. In addition, it has been participating in the six-year plan, consulting in 2021 with the National Administration of Romanian Waters to further promote clean farming and improve water quality in a sustainable manner.

Feed Factors’ sustainable supply chain means its customers can buy with confidence and are fully appreciative of the exacting standards that are adhered to. Its success is owed to the dedication of the Feed Factors team, which constantly pursues higher standards with increased supply chain efficiencies.