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eXroid Technology Ltd. has developed a highly safe and effective, fully ambulatory treatment and service for haemorrhoid sufferers. This means sufferers are no longer faced with a choice of treatment options that are known to be extremely painful and carry risks of complications, in order to become symptom free.

As the UK’s haemorrhoid specialists, eXroid has advanced the science and understanding of the disease, which affects around 9% of the UK population each year to improve the patient pathway for all sufferers.

Founded by a sufferer
As a long-term sufferer of haemorrhoids, the company’s founder, Graham Bason, underwent several traditional treatments, including banding, which proved unsuccessful.

After many years of suffering, Graham heard about a new, highly successful treatment for haemorrhoids from the USA called electrotherapy. This technology was unavailable in the UK or Europe at the time, so Graham made it his mission to better understand it and, after successfully undergoing the electrotherapy procedure, he was determined that the treatment should be made available in the UK to help the millions of sufferers.

As Graham explains: “eXroid is a life changing option for anyone suffering from this common and debilitating condition. It changed my life and it’s been my mission to make it available for everyone else out there who is suffering.”

The eXroid device and service
Electrotherapy has been used in medicine for over 150 years. The UK service was created by eXroid to advance the development of the medical device technology and build a completely new, vertically integrated business model, which provides a complete service to patients to treat their condition.

eXroid Technology Ltd. builds and develops the device technology with progressive IP and patents, and it provides clinical services via contracting specialist consultant grade doctors in clinics and hospitals across the country, including providing them with training and ongoing accreditation.

eXroid provides patients with advice, treatment and aftercare. As a specialist service provider, it has undergone regulatory approval for manufacturing the technology and provision of the service and was rated Outstanding by the CQC in October 2022; a rating awarded to only 3% of service providers.