Eskan Electronics Ltd


3B Kelvin Industrial Estate,
Long Drive

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Tel: 020 8813 0776

Winners Of

  • 2020 Innovation
  • 2016 International Trade

Increasing security. Reducing risk. This is Eskan Electronics’ motivation to design and produce innovative, state of the art solutions for covert surveillance, counter surveillance (TSCM) and Radio Frequency jamming.

Eskan’s advanced technology solutions and training increase local and national security and reduce the risks of disruption posed by criminals and terrorists.

For more than three decades its development engineers have been working to provide the most advanced products available for law enforcement, intelligence services and defence organisations worldwide. Its products and solutions are customer-driven and evaluated to ensure they can meet the demanding and ever-increasing operational requirements of the end-users.

Used worldwide, the double-award-winning Adrana 50 is one of those products. Designed as a mobile and simple to operate hostage negotiator/ victim communications kit, it stores evidential quality audio recordings of incoming and outgoing voice calls.

As well as the negotiator’s wired headset, there are four sets of paired wireless headsets for independent covert listening.

Receiving a second Queen’s Award for Enterprise has been a tremendous privilege for everyone involved with Eskan.