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The energy supply chain, largely made up of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, rarely grabs the news headlines, despite frequently falling victim to geopolitical developments, government policies, economic headwinds and global phenomena like the pandemic.
In recognition of this, and the fact that the energy supply chain has been, and will continue to be, a central pillar of prosperous modern economies and successful energy transition, the Energy Industries Council (EIC) has been working over the past 80 years to support energy supply chain companies in their efforts to grow their businesses, diversify into new activities, and export their products and services around the world.
The EIC’s mission
Stuart Broadley, Chief Executive of the EIC, explains: “Founded in 1943 by 13 British petroleum equipment manufacturers, the EIC’s original goal was to increase the UK market share in oil and gas projects domestically and internationally.
“This was achieved within our first decade and, over time, we expanded our coverage to include the entire energy industry and became fully energy agnostic in 1981. Today, the EIC has over 900 members working in diverse markets, including renewables, nuclear, hydrogen, carbon capture, power, and oil and gas.
“Our mission to help EIC members export, diversify and grow is underpinned by our innovative mix of services and activities. In fact, we are the only trade association in the world to offer data, insights, events, awards, country pavilions, delegations and influencing, across all energy sectors, on a truly global basis, and all exclusively in-house.
“Our market intelligence and consulting services help our members make informed decisions about where to invest and grow their businesses.
“Through working directly with governments around the globe, we help to ensure that the energy industry is regulated in a way that is fair and supportive of businesses by amplifying their voices.
“Our 130 annual events and networking opportunities build relationships between energy companies from around the world and connect supply chain professionals with project decisionmakers and policymakers. Combined, these services and activities make the EIC a valuable resource for the energy industry as a whole.”
Global expansion
Stuart adds: “Our global expansion began in 1995 with the opening of our first overseas office in Houston. This move allowed the EIC to serve the interests of energy supply chain companies beyond our shores and was the first step towards representing companies globally. Today, the EIC has offices in London, Dubai, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, and Rio de Janeiro, with more than 300 of our members based internationally.
“Over the past three years, growth in the number of our international members has been remarkable, with an increase of 680%. In financial terms, international membership revenue rose from £151,000 in 2018/19 to £1.177 million in 2021/22. In 2018/19, international membership accounted for 4% of the overall membership, growing to 26% in 2021/22, and our international members are now headquartered in 54 countries across the globe.
“We believe that our success is due to our unique ability to connect our members with accurate project data, and with key project decision-makers, collaborators, and influencers, informing their business development decisions, and de-risking their international growth and diversification endeavours.
“Our mission is, ‘To be the go-to energy supply chain trade association, globally’ and we will continue to invest heavily in high- quality people, data, events and networks to achieve this, step by step, around the world.
“There is no more important a role for me now, as Chief Executive, than to ensure that the EIC continues to prosper for the next 80 years and beyond.”