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  • 2022 Sustainable Development

For over 40 years, DRPG has been delivering everything from video, events and digital, right through to research, strategy and creative communications. It delivers multi-channel campaigns, utilising its in-house capabilities, for a wide range of clients worldwide.
The Group’s sustainability journey has spanned 15 years and, since 2020, it has ramped up its activity and taken a closer look at what sustainability means to its team members.
This led to the development of its own CSR Charter in 2020, while also incorporating the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals at the heart of everything the Group does. In 2021, DRPG published a Charter Review, reported on its progress and, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, was able to take huge strides. Following this, the Earl of Wessex visited the DPRG studio complex in Hartlebury to see for himself the work the team has been undergoing for sustainability.
Triple Bottom Line
The most significant advancement for the Group has been the adoption of the ‘Triple Bottom Line’, also referred to as ‘People, Planet and Profit’.
Looking at sustainability as an all-encompassing sentiment over the business really allows the team to focus on creating a sustainable future with the three ‘Ps’ becoming the group’s roadmap and business plan. DRPG is a true advocate for this practice and is well equipped to guide its corporate clients through their own sustainable growth in each project it delivers.
CEO of DRPG, Dale Parmenter, commented: “When we started our sustainability journey 15 years ago, I was keen that it wasn’t going to be a tick box exercise; we had to make a real difference and deliver tangible and measurable actions.
“Some of the key achievements include zero waste to landfill, eradicating single-use plastics from our buildings, 100% renewable energy for our HQ, and helping to raise over £450k for charity in 2021 alone.
“I was honoured to be able to attend COP26 and even more excited to be able to take part in the debate for net-zero in our industry. The passion and determination in the room was clear. As an industry, we must work together to make this happen. We have been one of the first companiesto  sign up to the net-zero pledge for events, and also the Ad Net Zero initiative for the advertising world.
“None of our achievements would haveh appened without the incredible support of the DRPG team. Whether getting involved in a community project or using their skills to raise awareness on a pressing issue, team members have made a difference and brought alive our vision of creating a positive difference for everyone.”
Exciting plans
After receiving another glowing auditor’s report for its ISO 20121 and ISO 14001 standards this year, the auditor commented that he was “genuinely inspired and moved by the actions of the team” and felt after 10 years of holding the standard, DRPG has “taken what they do to another level – clearly leading the way in its sector”. As a testimony to this, the Group showed enormous pride in being awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development in April this year, becoming the only agency of its kind to achieve the accolade.
Looking forward, the group has been working hard to become a certified B Corp and is ready to submit its B Impact Assessment for verification. Auditor availability permitting, it hopes to achieve certification by autumn of this year.