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Dawsongroup is responsible for over 30,000 supply chain links, 24 hours a day. It supplies, services and maintains assets to keep industry moving, recognising the need for business agility and the requirement to adapt technology.

With a heritage dating back to 1935, Dawsongroup enables agility for organisations through its smarter asset strategy, providing flexible asset utilisation from wheeled assets to temporary buildings and specialist modular facilities.

A leader in the cold storage industry, Dawsongroup has been awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation, recognising its unique contribution to the humanitarian and global development sector.

Leading the way…
Seeing a need in areas where there is a lack of cold chain infrastructure, Dawsongroup began working with development agencies and NGOs in 2017 with the idea of potentially utilising inflatable storage products for disaster relief and aid projects. Inflatable structure technology was combined with temperature-controlled storage capability by the team at Tectoniks, Dawsongroup’s specialist inflatables company, and the Temp°store was created.

Temp°store is a one-hour deployable, temperature controlled, inflatable building, incorporating a unique integrated floor and packaging solution. It enables rapid deployment in instances such as humanitarian aid where the cold storage of vaccines is critical. Its temporary nature also enables implementation when a solution is required quickly as it negates the need for planning permission.

With such an innovative and versatile design, Temp°store is ideal for providing cold storage capability quickly and efficiently in remote locations and disaster zones. It can also be used in developing countries to maintain the freshness of food, vaccinations and medication, with the aim of helping to prevent some of the two million avoidable deaths caused by lack of cold storage.

Its flexible, agile and scalable design, along with the option to hire it for the time needed, makes Temp°store ideal for a range of uses. Industries such as hospitality and healthcare, as well as UK food banks, have benefitted from Temp°store’s unique qualities, and it has even been used for the provision of fresh flowers.

Forefront of cold storage solutions
Dawsongroup can supply the Temp°store range anywhere in the world through its business locations in Europe, New Zealand and the US. As a growing international supplier, Dawsongroup ensures the Temp°store is distributed to customers quickly and efficiently. Temp°store has been hired at a number of locations in the UK and Europe, and the first United Nations sale has been sent to Sudan.

The Temp°store range is a unique product for which there is no direct competition, and the pending patent for design has been well received. All the unique aspects required innovation as there was no off-the-shelf solution available. It represents a coalescence of ideas and the bringing together of existing and new technologies.

Steve Miller, Dawsongroup CEO, said: “It is a real honour to be presented with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. It is testament to the hard work and ingenuity of our highly skilled and experienced engineers, and demonstrates that our smarter asset strategy is at the forefront of cold storage solutions.”