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Coracle is revolutionising prison education, and its founder, James Tweed, is on a mission to ensure no-one is left behind in the digital age.

Founded in 2006, Coracle provides prisoners with access to education via offline laptops which they can use in their cells. This service enables prisoners to access content from education providers such as The Open University, the Prison Education Trust and the Shannon Trust, without the need for internet access. Now available in 86 UK prisons, Coracle is one of the few companies permitted by the Ministry of Justice to provide inmates with access to IT.

James says: “Every year, the UK wastes £18bn on reoffending, which is bad news for everyone. This figure could be massively reduced with better education and rehabilitation for prisoners and would cost far less.

“Our mission is to provide all prisoners with access to education and, by doing so, to cut crime to its lowest possible level.”