Collaborate and Innovate Ltd – trading as Cosy


Units 316-318 Fauld Industrial Estate, Fauld Lane, Fauld, Derbyshire DE13 9HS

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Tel: 01332 370152
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Winners Of

  • 2022 Sustainable Development

Champions of a natural, engaged and active childhood, Cosy Direct sells ethically sourced educational supplies to schools, councils and nurseries.
Its ethos is that every youngster should have the opportunity to learn and develop while having fun – with an emphasis on preserving our planet, too.
As a home of new ideas, Cosy Direct – founded by husband and wife Peter and Amanda Ellse in 2011 – is continually innovating and developing its extensive product range with teacher-led research and play in mind. Each year, around 2,000 unique products are imagined by the ever-growing ‘Cosy Community’ and, as a way of giving back, 10% of profits from the business goes into the Cosy Foundation, the charitable arm of the business, which supports social causes via table-top sized charities and voluntary groups both at home and abroad.