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  • 2022 International Trade

The 2022 Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade winner, B&H Worldwide, boasts a proven track record of delivering high quality, critical and routine logistics services in the highly specialised aerospace logistics market.

Proudly British-owned since its creation in 1988, B&H Worldwide sets the standard by which others are measured in this niche market. Unlike traditional freight forwarders, B&H Worldwide is exclusively dedicated to the aviation and aerospace sector, and has over three decades of experience supporting airlines and ancillary aerospace businesses with time-critical, spare parts shipments.

When an aircraft is grounded – known as Aircraft-on-Ground (AOG) – and urgently requires serviceable spares to get back in the air, that’s when B&H Worldwide springs into action. Providing AOG, critical and routine logistics services, it is proud of its best-in-class accreditation and performance, as well as its business systems that reliably deliver mission critical parts and materials to carriers around the world, ensuring aircraft are returned to service in the fastest possible time so maintenance downtime is kept to a minimum. The company has the people, the tools and the global network so its customers can have complete confidence and trust in its worldwide teams to deliver.

Challenging targets
In addition to its express and air-freight forwarding services, the B&H Worldwide team is also expert in support services such as trade compliance (advising on country specific rules and regulations), negotiating freight charges, arranging cargo insurance, moving dangerous goods and offering climate-controlled warehousing solutions for aerospace and aviation assets.

Over the years it has developed a network of strategically positioned Forward Stocking Locations (FSLs) around the globe to allow its customers to position their inventory in key aerospace markets where customer demand is most likely to occur.

With this experience and global infrastructure, the company also offers logistics support to the aircraft leasing market, including climate-controlled engine storage solutions, global customs clearance and worldwide engine shipping and insurance.

Under the leadership of Group CEO, Stuart Allen, the B&H Worldwide management team has unrivalled experience and expertise in the aviation and aerospace logistics industry. In support of its submission for a Queen’s Award, the company set itself challenging financial targets for 2021 to achieve consistent levels of new business across its worldwide network. Management initiated a major focus on USA, Asia and Oceania regions and employed several new graduates and recruits to grow its international network and pursue new regions.

Leading the way
A delighted B&H Worldwide CEO, Stuart Allen, says: “We are thrilled that the business has received recognition for its contributions to international trade. This demonstrates the dedication of our hard-working teams and their commitment to our customers around the globe. It has been an exceptionally hard few years due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we are very proud to lead the way in our sector.”

Today, more than ever, leading airlines, spare part stockists, MROs and repair vendors, rely on B&H Worldwide’s specialised solutions for handling their critical shipments covering aircraft engines, specialist avionics components, rotables and consumables.