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  • 2022 International Trade
  • 2020 Innovation

Auto Integrate, a UK-based company in Hampshire, has received its third Queen’s Award, securing the award for International Trade for outstanding growth over three years.
This adds to previous awards for International Trade and Innovation.

The business specialises in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to facilitate vehicle maintenance requests and authorisation, operating throughout the United States of America and Canadian fleet sectors.

Currently facilitating maintenance and repair requests for more than five million vehicles, and enabling more than 12 million transactions annually, Auto Integrate streamlines fleet management operations between vendors and vehicle fleet managers. The main goals of the platform are to assist in cost control and the speed of approval and reduce billing and reconciliation overheads by moving the industry from a phone-based approval process to an electronic process, to create a new standard.

As such, it is now the de facto offering in the US fleet market, with eight out of 10 of the top fleet management companies and three of the major rental businesses, which accounts for more than 95% of that sector.

Outstanding results
A crucial part of Auto Integrate’s success has been the growth of its vendor network, with more than 85,000 locations now regularly submitting requests through the platform.

This allows more than 95% of maintenance transactions to be executed electronically, each one saving an average eight minutes versus a typical phone transaction.

With the move to electronic authorisation, Auto Integrate’s automatic decision-making tools also allow fleet managers to instantly auto approve up to 60% of work requests in less than a second, providing even greater time and financial savings.

Plus, over the past two years during the Covid-19 pandemic, the system has offered a huge (albeit unplanned) benefit to customers by offering an entirely cloud-based solution, meaning call centres could immediately redeploy to home working where this wouldn’t have been possible previously.

Triple Queen’s Award winners
Now as proud winners of three Queen’s Awards, the latest victory for International Trade continues to support its impressive growth strategy.

CEO Terry Bartlett says: “We as a company are thrilled to win the Queen’s Award for International Trade, the third of our Queen’s Awards to date. We have always prided ourselves on our ability to expand our relationships with our customers and partners whilst providing an excellent level of service for everyone involved.

All staff members at Auto Integrate have played a vital role in succeeding in this category, so we celebrate as one. “We are excited about our future plans and look forward to winning even more Queen’s Awards!”

Future growth strategy
Auto Integrate’s mission is to continue to develop and maintain the most innovative maintenance authorisation platform in the market by combining a passion for technology and a dedication to creating streamlined solutions that benefit everyone.