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Analysys Mason is the world’s pre-eminent specialist management consultancy focused on the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) sector. Now employing more than 400 staff, Analysys Mason delivers bespoke consultancy on strategy, transaction support, transformation, regulation and policy, further strengthened by globally respected research.
The company’s experts understand the unique challenges of operating in this dynamic industry. Our staff are empowered to deliver value to the client in the most effective way, within a framework of supporting processes, colleagues and IT infrastructure.

Working with private- and public-sector clients in 140+ countries, Analysys Mason is committed to advancing TMT’s role as a critical enabler of global economic, environmental and social transformation, and contributing to a world where technology delivers for all.
Analysys Mason has its head office in London, with 16 other offices in Bonn, Cambridge, Dubai, Dublin, Hong Kong, Kolkata, Lund, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, New Delhi, New York, Oslo, Paris, Singapore and Stockholm.

A brief history
Analysys Mason was formed by the merger of Analysys Ltd and Mason Communications in 2004. Analysys Ltd was founded in 1985 in Cambridge, UK, as a specialist management consultancy dedicated to the TMT sector. With an initial focus on providing policy and regulatory advice, the company quickly expanded into strategy, business planning and due diligence services in support of financial transactions.
With the EU liberalisation of telecoms markets in 1998, followed by almost every country in the world, Analysys Ltd’s early UK expertise was highly sought after and led to significant growth overseas.
Mason Communications was founded in 1993 in Manchester, UK. Like Analysys Ltd, Mason exploited the UK’s early lead in liberalising the UK telecoms sector, providing network roll-out advice to new-entrant operators in the UK.

In 1999, Datatec Ltd acquired Mason Communications. This was followed by the acquisition of Analysys Ltd in 2004, leading to the formation of Analysys Mason.
Over time, the company’s client base has become increasingly international, and more of our staff are now based outside the UK. However, the UK consulting teams continue to contribute specialist staff to work on projects across the globe, either alongside local teams, or in markets where the company does not yet have a local presence.
In particular the UK’s leading position in the financial sector continues to drive global demand for our experts’ skills across strategy, business planning, regulation and due diligence. The majority of our research team is based in the UK, delivering content and analyst support to clients worldwide. The vast majority of our research subscription revenue comes from overseas clients.

Looking to the future
We continue to increase our geographical footprint. We also continue to expand our service portfolio, recognising the importance of driving towards a sustainable future, as well as reflecting the convergence between TMT and networked IT services, and have expanded our client base to include hyperscale internet players such as Google and Facebook.

With connectivity becoming one of life’s essential utilities, we are advising governments on national broadband plans (for example in Ireland), operators on new forms of regulation, end users on the possibilities of 5G mobile and new technologies such as direct to handset satellite services, and are also seeing demand from new clients such as pension funds and long-term infrastructure investors.